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2012 Ford Fiesta Road Test and Car Review

What a beautiful day got the Goodyear blimp behind this that the all new Ford Fiesta, really a shape of things to come kind of appropriate where we’re here in front of the Goodyear blimp that’s got a very unique shape all about aerodynamics this 5 door fiesta also has a very unique shape. And I can say that from a design standpoint I really love what they’ve done here. Massive headlights long flowing I mean talk about over 2 feet of lands here love the 5 door there’s also 4 door sedan but I think the 5 door really has a more expressive athletic stance to it it looks wide or no it doesn’t have a wider track but it has that appearance of a wider track that what attracted something you’ll get used to seeing with Ford the all new Ford Focus, also has that exact same offerings the 4 door sedan or the 5 door hatchback. The Ford Fiesta really represents the future. Of compact cars in America these are known as B. segment cars which is like the Honda fit and a total yards for example.

Ford FiestaThese are smaller cars then your C segment, which are Civic, Corolla, Focus, Etcetera these cars are made to be economical 40 plus miles per gallon on the freeway. It’s really what they’re all about just light. Compact. Fuel savings. Pro price standpoint the vehicle you’re in today is about 39000 would destination it’s a lot of money 20000 there’s other vehicles you can get. Starting price for a fiesta base one with a AT with a manual transmission look in about 15 that’s a little more reasonable. At 19 you’re really pushing the automatic which is the way most of the fiestas will be sold in this country is an interesting one it’s a dry twin clutch 60 and you can feel the ships. It’s not like a performance twin clutch like you’d find and 3 but it’s more of a fuel saving twinkling. The interior cabin over the fiestas compact but supported him in his cockpit this center part of the dash is extremely European.

This is exactly how the European. Fiesta is a little quirky this is extremely corky this is. He’s of the door lock buttons. And they did add this little light to let you know, it’s locked it could be a little tricky if you’re not used to it and 2002 Ford Focus headlight assembly – nice lights. The fiesta has a push button start which in my opinion for B segment car, is really over kill those who would spend the money. And other things other refinements but. There you have it as an option. The push button start what surprises me about the fiestas how comfortable it is seats are good I’ve had it now in a couple of long trips was extremely comfortable especially for a car the size it’s certainly unexpected benefit that you get from the fiesta. Okay this is suppose to be a 4 passenger. Actually a 5 passenger American sedan right the seat is not even all the way back. ┬áThis is great let’s take a road trip. Made it. The former driving standpoint I think Ford’s done a great job I pick. It is a great you know be segment car for the brand. I don’t think it quite measures up to a Honda fit I think it’s just falls a little short might I would still put the Honda fit number one but I would certainly put this above us above a Yaris or even a Nissan versa some of the other of B. segment cars.

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