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2014 Dodge Charger – Review

I am Kelsey Mays for what you see right next to me is not a super sized Dodge dart it’s actually the Dodge Charger. It’s been heavily revised for years into the current generation we’re here right after dodges press conference at the 2014 New York international Auto Show we’re gonna take in for a closer look. Charger shares its rear drive reads but the challenger sports gargoyle the challenger maintain the retro theme the charger really went ahead with a lot more slipstream look up here the hood now really curves around a lot more visually headlights grill the bumper these are all new updated affected come to get the car fully resigned look even though this is the same generation as it was black grille here on RT models let’s go around take a look at the rear.

2014 Dodge Charger

Back to Georgia keeps these LEDs account a wraparound in the sort of racetrack motif a Dodge says it chain sawed off the corners of the car kids don’t try that at home with the family minivan either way effect is to make the car look a little more strict rafting actually smaller in back blast charger had a a very iconic kind of blocking here and. This one. Not so much. No such overall on the inside where a lot of stuff still sits within this frame that kind of joins the center stack here with the gauges and available 8.4 inch uconnect touchscreen now includes mobile app features things like Pandora slacker. Info about headlights for 2014 Dodge Charger, read at link

Dodge Charger

I heart radio I high is also small screen here between the gauges it now has performance pages those so things like Gee force acceleration times stuff like that previously that used to be a feature only on the charger SRT now Dodge says all Chargers will get it. Dr trains carry over with be 6 or available hemi V8 power rear wheel drive the standard all wheel drive is optional stay tuned for driving impressions closer to the charges on sale date in summer of 2014.

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