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New 2017 Hyundai Sonata

hyundai sonata 2017Hi I’m cal has typically Hyundai into them and show you the 2017 honey it’s not. No it’s not a does come about 10 different option packages and Jim levels so is this not a for every budget this one here is that the us not a limited with ultimate package. There’s just one step away from the top. Up front you’ll see that signature hexagonal grille. The HID Hyundai Sonata headlights and LED fog and daytime running lights also see that sensible Hyundai emblem that runs the adaptive cruise control. Then there’s also late departure warning a bunch other safety features to keep your family safe going on the road. Under the hood of this car we have the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder we also had the more performance oriented 2 liter turbo or the more fuel efficient 1.6 liter turbo. Now this car is our lakeside blue comes in a bunch different colors everything from your white orange stuff and go wild if you want. Inside the car here. Being the limited model this does have the wood trim and the leather seats the real soft whether the front seats are heated and ventilated even your passenger does have a power seat at its height adjustable. This is not a also has updated infinity sound system.

Looking in the rear here you’ll see there’s air vents both in the Senate council we also blow out from under the front seats and there’s a power point back there just in case of your pastor needs to charge something. Also you’ll see there’s a ton of leg room in the rear 0 here That even a tall guy can fit back there. Looking at the door they do have some shades. And heated seats rear passengers. This it’s do also fall down 6040 split so you can store some miles longer items looking at the trunk here you’ll see there’s a rear deck spoiler. Kind of livens the carpal obey it looks less boring going on the road. Inside the trunk off before we get to the trunk there is a review camera as on every single snot out except for the very very base model. Looking inside the trunk you’ll see it’s quite large 16.3 cubic feet bigger than both the camera in the court. Down lower here to you’ll see that’s does have the rear parking sensors.

The Looking at the wheel this has a 17 inch alloy wheel there also 1618 inch wheels available. Moving up to the driver door right here on the mir will see a blind spot detection system that illuminate orange of those I went driving your blind spot and also give an audible warning to turn a playground while there’s someone there. Also on the door handle here this does have a proximity key thing in this approach the car hit the button al I’m like it are for you. We do have a 2 position memory see them a lot limit with the ultimate package here out all up and down both front windows. And over here we have our buns to control our blind spot detection and a lane departure warning. And a really comfortable power driver seat with lumbar support. On the inside this vehicle we do have a lot of the available upgrades looking up the rough this is love power till from sliding sunroof also available as a full panoramic growth.

This also has other dimming near with the compass and homelink homelink is just a garage door openers. The blue link over here is Hyundai’s telematics system. That gives Sunday the ability to send you roadside assistance or have you contact. An emergency responder in the event of any kind of emergency. It also allows remote start your car through an app on your cell phone. Moving down infotainment system here so very intuitive system lot of easy features the use like the Pandora Bluetooth else says Andreotti all and apple CarPlay along with the navigation system. Blow the screen there we have our hard buttons for radio and phone and. The navigation pretty much anything of that screen can display. And I’m below that is the dual mode climate control along with our controls are heated and ventilated seats up front. This is a 6 speed automatic which can be shipped over shifted over into the manual mode saying.

This I will but more fun going on there or if you want to choose your own years. Also features 3 different drive modes being normal eco in sport egos go say hello to the gas will sport utility or performance. On the left inside the steering wheel here you’ll see our voice command button some radio controls as well as our buttons the answer decline phone calls. We move to the right a steering wheel we have a lot of different buttons that controller cruise control this one having the adaptive cruise control also lets you change how close your following the car in front of you. These other buttons will change was displayed on the driver information screen so we have a lot of different for her alot if information in this play appear from a digital speedometer to gas mileage info. It’s a tire pressure even turn by turn directions if you want. And that’s been the 2017 sonata this was the limit with the ultimate package again there’s so many different option packages you don’t need all these options or if you want a little bit more we can find the right car there’s anything I miss this video if you have any questions I’ll give me a call again my name’s Kyle Heiser for you can visit our website at Berkeley

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