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How to install Clazzio car seat cover

Okay so what we’re gonna do is a driver bottom at first. Now the first thing we want to do is make sure that this seat right here is up forward. That’s step number one. We don’t need it back we need forwards it up right position. Take steps to what we’re gonna do is reach below this 3. We are gonna I’m. Do the little strap that’s down there because we want this peace. You go up into the cover when we put this section on. So this has to be off. One strap offright here. Okay step 3 we’re going to now put the bottom cushion.

On the seat covers for cars. Now what we want to do is you put it on. The bottom cushion. And you want to make sure that this is a wind up with this team. So this and this needs to be together. Okay now what we’re doing. Is we need to push. They. Thatmaterial all the way through the back of the seat. So just keep pushing the down there to get it all the way through.
install seat covers for cars
Alright now we’re going to do that we got a thrill go ahead and pull a. Sure it’s nice and snug. Poland it towards. Nice and snug through their. Perfect. Okay now we’re moving to the front of thecar. And what we want to do is. Client. Back section. Now we’re going to re. Then what we’re gonna do is we’re going to use it’s all we have here. And we’re going to tuck it into the plastic. Okay so now what we do is we put the seat covers for cars forward again in an upright position. We have 2 straps. And we also have 2 other straps that we are going to put it S. took on a new CD asset right there. It goes right on that little elastic then. And you put it on there and it ittouches to the bottom of the seat covers for cars.

Take your strap. Run it through the loop there. Here it. Probably. I. Now make sure you don’t do that to tie. The. Perfect. Now we have the bottom okay moving on to the. The back. What we’re gonna do is remove the head rest first now how we do that is. Lifted up. And on the side there is a button and we’re going to just push in on it and then pull the head rest out. No we did is we turn this inside out. And we just put it over. Theback part right here.


This is how we’re gonna start with our back section. Okay now we were. At this section what we’re gonna do is we’re going to actually. Pull this down. From the side. Aside. Work it don’t try to pull down all one shot just go from one side to the other. Chuck got in to the fast. Now that’s the section we’re gonna velcro in the back so make sure you talk about it. Okay now if you remember at the beginning we had we unclipped yes. And we stuck it up as you can see it underneath the cover now.

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