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Check the car’s suspension, where to start?

Check the levers.

suspension autoIt is necessary to examine the beam gain in the suspension arms and suspension connectors. If there are damage and cracks on the main elements of the beam it is necessary to replace the complete set of levers. In order not to jeopardize the life and condition of the car, you can’t align or boil them. With the help of a special mechanism checked the technical condition of arms and having damaged of them.
You should also view the damage on the flanges of levers and view their overall appearance. If the inspection results are not satisfactory, it is necessary to flatten the threads, or replace them.

Check the chassis and hinge arm.

If on the rubber joints buckling or gaps are appeared than you should produce immediate replacement.
If at least one of the coils of the springs are damaged, it must be replaced immediately.
It is necessary to examine the holes for the drive to the wheels bolts and check the landing of reflector ring.
It is also advisable to check tire wear, it should be uniform.

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